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What would you say to your mayor if you had the chance?

20140300-mgse-fruetIn March 2014, I personally handed a copy of my book to the Mayor Gustavo Fruet. Our talk was very brief, as it should be with someone with so many appointments and so many problems to deal with. But I felt very welcomed.

The chat went out smoothly, no big words or trying to sell anything at all. We talked about the current situation of our city, how difficulty it is to change a car-oriented mentality. Among citizens and among employees of the local administration as well. I expressed my concern in letting a very good opportunity passes by us. There’s some kind of comotion around bike mobility, but concretely there’s very few being done.

We also talked stuff other than the bicycle. A few things about public heakth, education and consciousness. However, all those issues boils down to one thing only: reclaim the human scale on our cities.

I enjoyed our meeting, I hope my counterpart thought so too…

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