Biking for kids


Five reasons why is so important to introduce the bicycle to your kids as soon as possible:

1. Physical Activity

Endocrinologist Paulo César Alves da Silva, from the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology, considers that obesity in children reached epidemic levels and alerts that obese kids and teens will have more chance to keep like this when they become adults:

Nowadays, overweight in children and teenagers causes more death than malnutrition. Doctors need to make the parents see that obesity is a disease and not only an esthetic condition.
Obesity among kids reach epidemic levels in Brazil

Cycling habits can be incorporated on the child’s daily routine and go beyond mere play (which is already a very good thing). It can become part of their transportation habits and represent a source of constant and healthy physical activity.

20140920-crianca2. Autonomy Development

Children with the “windshield perspective” by being driven everywhere are not capable of reproducing the network of streets in their own community, nut kids that walk or bike, produce highly detailed mapsof their neighborhood.

The level of kids biking to school in the Netherlands is extremely high and according to UNICEF, they are also the happiest kids in the world. Being able to move in an independent way, the discoveries and the sense of belonging contribute significantly for the child autonomy.

3. Spontaneous Socialization

We’ve seen a dramatic decrease in fatalities. But we’ve also seen abandonment of the streets. Parents see too much traffic. What is the rational thing for a parent to do? Your choice is to drive them. It’s a multiplier effect – parents are driving because there’s more traffic, and then there’s more traffic.
Bruce Appleyard
Doutor em Planejamento Urbano, Universidade de San Diego

20140831-familiaThe biggest interest of people is other people. Cycling is not only a social activity per se, it also fosters the interaction with everybody else and the city itself.

4. Promotion of Sustainable Mobility

The more you ride your bike with your kids, more you make this into a normal thing and inspire people to do it.

5. Cities for People

Some countries already noticed that taking all the children out of the streets is not the best option. But to design streets that allow children, elders and everybody else into a democratic space. Whenever they wanna use it to get from point A to B or for meeting people.

Traffic and kids don’t mix. That’s something people intuitively understand. Automobile collisions disproportionately kill kids, for starters. Heavy traffic also prevents them from playing on their neighborhood streets. And communities with limited opportunities for walking and playing outside have been shown to have higher rates of childhood obesity, which can lead to serious health complications in later life.
City Lab

Of course those are not the only reasons. Above all, cycling is fun, so:

Take your kids out!
A child that is part of a family which encourages physical activity, consume healthy food and other good habits will easily adapt to this life style and will keep distance from obesity.
Patricia Dualib, SBEM’s endocrinologist


What are you waiting for?
There’s no minimun age. Even a baby can go for a ride!
Nowadays, baby seats are very popular. And a lot of people believe that thext step is naturally a a bicycle with training wheels. But there are a lot of other options.

Baby - Mee

Really? What can I do?
Have you heard about:

  • Balance Bikes
  • Sling
  • Baby Mee
  • Trail-gator
  • Bike Trailers
  • Tandem


Excited? Would you like to know a little more about it?
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