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Bike to work

Contents: relevance & impacts, success cases, what you/your company/your government can do, available options and how to implement them.
Target audience: employees or companies interested in promoting bike commuting.

Bicycle and the first seven years

Contents: the positive effects of biking during the first seven years, adequate ages and seasons, the role of the parents, options beyond the training wheel, examples throughout the world, where and how to start.
Target audience: families with children that still don’t ride or are learning to. Parents who want to develop the habit of biking along with their kids on a regular basis.

The bike effect

Contents: an analysis of the interconnected network of positive effects generated by fostering bike mobility. The impacts are explored basicly in four major areas : economy, health, environment and society.
Target audience: anyone interested in knowing about the implications of promoting bike mobility.

Bike riding in the streets

Contents: basic information about Brazilian traffic laws, bike fitting, physical requirements, street smarts, adequate clothing and accessories.
Target audience: beginners interested in adopting the bicycle as an urban transportation regularly.

Curitiba and the bike mobility

Contents: relevant historical events, facts and data about the bicycle in Curitiba.
Target audience: anyone interested about the bike history in Curitiba and how it is evolving.

Miths & truths about bikes

Contents: a quick analysis of some pieces of information that are commonly accepted by the general public.
Target audience: anyone interested about the subject.

My garage is a living room

Contents: a talk about Luis personal experience of living carfree in Curitiba since 2007 with his wife and 3 kids.
Target audience: anyone interested about the subject.

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